Shoe Fitting

Expert Staff, Professional Fit

Poorly fitting shoes are the culprit in many issues relating to your feet, knees and back. Your shoes are the foundation for your body and will dictate your comfort level. Our expert staff takes the fitting process very seriously. In addition to evaluating your running/walking mechanics, we take the time to measure the length and width of your feet, as well as assess the arch, instep, and forefoot

Our fitting process includes a treadmill gait analysis
Comprehensive Evaluation

We employ a thorough analysis process, complete with gait analysis, foot-type assessments, and a foot impression system. Just as importantly, we engage you in a directed conversation to gather pertinent information that will allow us to make an informed recommendation for your next pair of shoes. In addition, we invite you to bring your old shoes along for the ride when you visit our store. Old shoes “tell a story”, whether it was a good shoe for you or not. We evaluate the breakdown and wear pattern of your shoe, which helps us assemble the puzzle of your feet. It’s just one more facet of the fitting process that helps us ensure you will be getting the proper footwear for your individual needs.

Gait Analysis

Our gait analysis is performed on a treadmill, complete with slow motion analysis software. We will review the video with you to help illustrate how your mechanics are interacting with the shoes. Our staff has intimate knowledge of this process and it’s a valuable asset in our arsenal of shoe fitting prowess!